We Understand The Importance Of Thorough Preparation

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking a patent, a business owner seeking guidance on a looming dispute or an injury victim seeking justice, the legal process ahead can seem daunting and stressful. Without sound legal guidance, you could be left with a lackluster resolution or challenges that surface years later because of haste decision-making.

At SLC Law, we are rooted in our commitment to providing our clients with the thorough, customized strategy necessary to pursue their goals. With over a decade of experience, we work with business owners, entrepreneurs, engineers, victims of medical malpractice and more across California.

Leverage The Insights Of A Former Engineer And MBA Recipient

Founding attorney Louis F. Teran got his degree in engineering before becoming an accomplished product development engineer with several patents. After this, he went back to school and got his MBA, before serving as a business executive for a Fortune 500 corporation. During this time, he discovered an infringement on a company patent, which led to a lawsuit. After participating in a lengthy mediation session to settle the dispute, he decided to pursue a law degree.

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Mr. Teran and SLC Law assist with intellectual property issues, business disputes and complex personal injury claims. We provide a distinct advantage to clients seeking patents. We can both apply for and write patent applications, with a focus on drafting an enforceable application to hold up in court.

When a patent or trademark infringement arises, we are experienced litigators and can aggressively defend your rights.

Providing You With The Tools To Make Informed Decisions

We prioritize educating our clients throughout every step of their legal matter. As your case directly concerns you, your business and your future, we believe in enabling you to play a principal role in finding a resolution. We educate you on your options and the challenges and opportunities associated with each one. We want you to become an integral part of your legal team.

Discuss Your Concerns With A Lawyer

We offer responsive, direct communication from the moment you contact us. Learn how we can protect both you and your rights. Contact our Pasadena office to schedule a free initial consultation. Call us at 818-484-3217 or send us an email.