Fighting For An Efficient Resolution In High-Stakes Cases

Civil LitigationFacing litigation can be daunting. However, in many disputes, going to trial offers the possibility of the most optimal outcome for your case.

At SLC Law, our experienced litigators fight for what you deserve. With over a decade of experience, we create a customized strategy for individuals and businesses across Southern California that suits their best interests in the courtroom. We understand the stakes involved and prioritize educating you on your options to enable you to continually make informed decisions.

Defending Your Rights In Business And Civil Litigation

We represent individuals and businesses in a wide array of cases, including:

  • Complex personal injury: Such lawsuits involve claims with complicated allegations, strict regulations and devastating injuries that often cannot reach a resolution out of court.
  • Product liability: Lawsuits involving defective products or equipment can benefit from the perspective of an engineer, which founding attorney Louis Teran can provide.
  • Medical malpractice: Lawsuits alleging medical negligence or wrongdoing can be drawn-out and involve complex, intricate details to understand what caused the accident and injuries.
  • Business litigation: Businesses can encounter disputes for many reasons, including a breach of contract, a dispute among shareholders, infringement of intellectual property and more.

We can also fight to protect the rights of employees after a wrongful termination or those who suffered from a construction defect.

Experience In Resolving Complex Personal Injury Claims

As we trust doctors and other medical professionals with our health, taking legal action against them can be complicated. However, when you suffered an injury after a misdiagnosis, error in medication, surgical error or more, you deserve to hold them accountable.

Medical malpractice claims require the formal review of another medical expert to certify that your care did not meet standard procedures. These claims also require expert testimony at trial. With such complex requirements, claims can take up to three years to reach a resolution.

Going to trial can be an advantage in these cases. We can aggressively advocate for you in front of a judge to recover the damages you are due.

Consult With A Knowledgeable Lawyer

Taking your business dispute or injury claim to court can be necessary to pursue the resolution you seek. Schedule a free initial consultation with us in Pasadena to learn how we can assist. Call us at 818-484-3217 or email us through our website.